Empowering Possibilies,
Planning for Growth

True Access Capital is a nonprofit Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) that offers access to capital, technical assistance and business support to small businesses and entrepreneurs, located in Delaware, and in Southeastern Pennsylvania. True Access Capital builds wealth and strengthens communities by helping small businesses, primarily led-by and in-service-to, women and all people of color. Most of True Access Capital’s work is focused in low-wealth communities. Watch the video!

photo: Vandell Hampton, Jr. President & CEO

Vandell Hampton, Jr.
President & CEO

Helping Build Communities

“Our hope is that we’re able to help build communities by providing access and opportunity for small business owners through our lending and technical assistance services, which enables communities to prosper. Since our founding in 1992, True Access Capital has provided over $58 million to support more than 1,500 small businesses and community organizations.”

Supporting Entrepreneurs Through
The Northeast Revitalization Fund

The Northeast Revitalization Fund was established by True Access Capital in 2021, to support small development projects in Wilmington’s Northeast corridor. The program provides loans up to $500,000, at a low-interest rate and the potential for 30 percent loan forgiveness, upon completion of the project.

photo: Mathew Minor

Mathew Minor
Subcool Properties

“At Sub Cool Properties, we buy, rehab and sell properties. I focus on the north side of Wilmington because I’m from there. True Access makes it possible for young people who look like me to own a business. Hopefully, we come up with businesses that benefit and lift this community up.”

“I acquired a large commercial building — an old firehouse — with a parking lot. I worked on it for several years with my own funds, but it got to a point where I needed assistance to continue with the dream that I had for that building. That’s where True Access came in.”

photo: David Wilford

David Wilford
Wilford Enterprises, LLC

photo: Richard Dyton

Richard Dyton
Ark Learning Centers

“True Access Capital provided me with funding to purchase and rehab a nice facility. A lot of people go into projects not having enough funding and fall short. True Access Capital is focused on seeing the community evolve and seeing people succeed.”

In 2022, TAC received an additional $1,000,000 from the City of Wilmington to expand the NWR Fund to the entire City. To date, TAC has committed over $2.4 million through this initiative. All of the loans made through the Revitalization Fund have gone to businesses/developers led by People of Color.

True Access Capital's Empowerment Fund,
Enabling Entrepreneurs to Realize Their Dreams

Empowerment Fund loans support businesses led by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) entrepreneurs in the City of Wilmington. Loans at advantageous interest rates include the potential for grants up to 20 percent of the total project.

photo: Kamil Bass-Walker

Kamil Bass-Walker
Eat Clean Juice Bar
North Market Street, Wilmington

"The best part of working with True Access Capital is that from beginning to end, they wanted you to succeed. They provided resources in every aspect of business, from funding to assistance with marketing and accounting.”

“As a new business, there were somethings that we didn’t know we needed, which True Access helped us work through. Their technical assistance programs and initiatives were exceptional.”

photo: James Bradford III

James Bradford III
Troisieme Café
Brandywine Village, Wilmington

photo: Elorm Ahiamadjie

Elorm Ahiamadjie (left)
CEO and Co-founder of Delaware Limo

“Because we were so new and growing so rapidly, traditional banks looked at our company as a risk. So even if we did get approved for financing, the rates and terms were unfavorable. True Access Capital was much different because they offered better terms and held our hands through the process.”

The Empowerment Fund, which was established in 2021, provides loan and grant capital to businesses led by People of Color that are located in the City of Wilmington. To date, TAC has awarded $158,400 in grants and over $1.5 million in loans to 10 small businesses, through the Empowerment Fund.

The Women’s Business Center at True Access Capital (WBC) provides intensive, outcome-oriented business services and in-depth technical assistance and training to primarily women-owned businesses. WBC trainings, events, and one-on-one counseling cover fundamental and higher level trainings to assist in starting or growing a business.

Training courses include business planning, business financing, social media and marketing. In addition, all WBC clients have the opportunity to network with and learn from successful business owners and entrepreneurs.

Our partnerships with Small Business Administration (SBA), Service Core of Retired Executives (SCORE), the Small Business Development Center Network (SBDC), provide resources to ensure that entrepreneurs know the business fundamentals. We focus on helping small- and women-owned businesses succeed!

In 2022, the Women’s Business Center counseled 320 businesses and provided 87 separate training events – reaching 1,101 persons.

True Access Capital 2022 Financials



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Chart: Loan Dollar Amount By County

Statement of Financial Position
December 31, 2019 through 2022

2019 2020 2021 2022
Total Assets $11,567,842 $14,544,564 $20,176,608 $22,058,882
Total Liabilities $7,845,853 $9,579,054 $9,502,145 $7,328,950
Net Assets $3,721,989 $4,965,510 $10,674,463 $10,307,283
Total Liabilities & Net Assets $11,567,842 $14,544,564 $20,176,608 $22,058,882

2022 Investors and Contributors


Artisans’ Bank
Barclays Bank of Delaware
Borough of Kennett
Catholic Health Initiatives
Citizens Bank
Customers Bank
Delaware Community Foundation
First Unitarian Church of Wilmington
M&T Bank
Northern Trust
Opportunity Finance Network
TD Bank, N.A.
USDA — Rural Development
U.S. Small Business Administration

Individual Contributors

Glenn Christman
Vandell Hampton, Jr.
Deborah Harrison
Daniel Kempski
Delores Lee
Phyllis McCollum
Clinton Tymes
Pedro Viera
Jimmy Jarrell


Artisans’ Bank
Ashley Biden Livelihood Foundation
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Citizens Bank
City of Wilmington
Comenity Bank
Community Development Financial Institution
Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement
Delaware Community Foundation
Discover Bank
Economic Development Administration
JPMorgan Chase Foundation
Laffey-McHugh Foundation
Losco & Marconi
M&T Bank
PNC Bank
Santander Bank
State of Delaware
TD Bank, N.A.
USDA - Rural Development
U. S. Small Business Administration
Wells Fargo Foundation
Wilmington University